Why Stories About Vaping Being Dangerous are Misleading in 2018

Newspapers have to sell.

In a story published on 3rd February from the Irish Mirror, they claim that a study by the New York University of Medicine Research shows that vaping is shown as having a link to carcinogenic issues, linking vaping to cancer.

They quote “But some experts are now warning they should not be seen as a completely safe option, and are concerned about their popularity among the young, Dublin Live reports.

A new study found mice exposed to e-cigarette smoke had higher levels of DNA damage in the heart, lungs and bladder.”

The problem with news reports such as this is that it gives the impression that vaping is on a par of being as dangerous as smoking. This is absolutely ludicrous. The official guidance from the UK Government indicates vaping is 95% safer than smoking and news reports like this don’t show like for like.

Is there some element of risk associated with vaping, aside from not smoking. Well possibly so, but the articles are being intentionally misleading to stoke up reaction, create confusion and most importantly sell newspapers and generate web traffic.

We live in a world where traction counts. News stories count. If there is a way to sensationalise and report news out of content, it is usually done. The problem here is people’s lives are at stake. Vaping helps smokers stop smoking. That is a fact.

It is the responsibility of vaping advocates such as ourselves to try and call bullshit when poor news stories such as these are reported. The damage caused by conflicting information is stopping smokers making the switch due to the confusion caused.

If you are a non smoker, and want to vape, I wouldn’t put you off, but there are minor health disadvantages. Much in the same way as eating red meat or working in a more stressful industry has minor health disadvantages.

But if you are smoking, and want to stop smelling of smoke, want to see your grandkids grow up, and want to save thousands of pounds a year, give it a go, make the switch and don’t look back.




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