Silencing The Skeptics – The Truth About Vaping

Silencing The Skeptics – The Truth About Vaping.

It seems everywhere we look Vaping seems to be getting more and more bad press, this article aims to remove that stigma by presenting you with clear and scientific facts backed up by case studies.

With so many lies and misconceptions surrounding Vaping it is difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction and with Vaping being a tastier, safer and cheaper alternative to tobacco we thought it was high time things changed.

Many of the Vaping horror stories that we have found appear to be caused by a lack of common sense rather than an issue with a vape device or e-liquid.

Fox example Darwin Award winner Russell Hawkins who decided to vape the world’s hottest chilli pepper.

If you would like to see first hand why that isn’t a great idea Russell provided the world with a video that is available here.

For those of us who use their vape devices for their intended purpose the horror stories you find on the internet and in the news are just that “stories”.

To back this up we have found a variety of great vaping studies which prove vaping is 95% safer than cigarettes, making it not only a healthier alternative but also a huge technological leap forward in our nicotine consumption.

Second Hand Vapour – The Verdict

I feel this is the most common stigma attached to Vaping and that is that Second Hand Vapour is as harmful as Second Hand Smoke this is simply not the case.

In 2016 new government guidelines acknowledged that first hand vapour was 95% less harmful than tobacco smoke.

While this year the CSAAA crowdfunded an independent research project to find out if Second Hand Vapour was harmful,

This study was performed by Igor Burstyn a toxicology expert from Drexel University and it returned conclusive evidence that Second Hand Vapour was not harmful to bystanders.

The study is available here:

Vaping exposes your lungs to dangerous levels of formaldehyde – The Truth

I’ve got to admit this is one of my favourites, a recent study suggested that Vape Liquids contained an unsatisfactory amount of formaldehyde.

While this was technically true, it was a strawman argument as the e liquids used were being heated to unrealistic temperatures that could in no way be achieved by a vape user.

If your vape liquid reached these temperatures in the real world i believe your reaction would be something similar to Russell’s video above.

If you would like to read the formaldehyde debunking study it can be found here

The Switch From Smoking To Vaping  Reduces Toxins

Several studies have been conclusive in showing us that vaping is far less harmful than smoking, however a recent study showed that vape users were exposed to a far less significant amount of carcinogens and toxins than their smoking counterparts.

This is because Vape Juice contains far fewer toxins than a cigarette meaning although your exposure to nicotine has not changed the overall amount of chemicals and toxins passing through your body has.

You can read more about this over on the Oxford Academic Website

Vaping Is A Gateway To Smoking

Vaping offers a cleaner and healthier alternative to smoking which makes it very easy to believe that this one might be true.

However independent research suggests that the opposite is actually closer to the truth.

During this in-depth study researchers found that e cigs are actually continually driving down smoking rates by helping existing smokers to kick the habit.

Because of the way the nicotine is absorbed by the body it is widely accepted that vaping devices are actually less addictive than tobacco based alternatives like cigarettes and cigars.

With vaping offering nicotine free options it would be completely illogical for a non nicotine user to make the switch to nicotine as they would not benefit from the switch, however a nicotine user switching to a non nicotine juice seems much more likely.

Vapour Has A Low Cancer Rate – Fact

A researcher at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland announced he had found that the cancer risk for vape users when using standard wattage settings was almost as low risk as current nicotine replacement products like gum and patches.

This study involved measuring the cancer potential of certain vape liquids and tobacco products by devising a method to express both smoke and vapour in common units making this the most accurate study in the field so far.

You can read the whole article here


While there is a significant amount of disinformation regarding vaping, you can find some excellent reputable studies online many of which are fully independent.

The sole purpose of this article was to clear up some of the more common vaping myths and misconceptions, as you can hopefully see a lot of the facts you hear touted about vaping simply aren’t facts at all, more stories blown out of all proportion by the internet.

When compared to smoking, vaping is not only safer it is also cleaner, better for the environment and easier on your wallet, you can also find a huge range of vape devices and e-juices to suit your exact requirements allowing you to fine tune your vaping experience to your needs.

Each week 1000’s of people are making the switch from cig to vape. If you are thinking about making the switch be sure to bookmark our page for some informative vaping content.

You can also find the latest news and updates on our Social Media Pages.

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