Tips for switching from cigarettes to vaping.

If you have decided to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping we have some excellent tips and tricks to help you kick the habit once and for all. This guide coupled with the knowledge of your favourite local or online vape shop should provide a smooth transition from expensive cigarettes to a cleaner, fresher world of vaping.

Remember that managing an addiction is a troublesome task and is not going to happen overnight, but if at first you don’t succeed don’t be scared to try again your health and your wallet will thank you.

How do i find a flavour that’s right for me?

With the sheer volume of tasty and exotic vape liquids available it is worth taking your time to find the one that you find best.

This process is very simpleand affordable, low cost 10ml bottles of vape fluid provide an effective sample size for a great price.

It is normally acknowledged that when first moving from cigarettes to vapes that a tobacco flavour is likely to be the most satisfying for your cravings.

7 Day Trial Period

In our experience when making the switch to a vape device it is best to use nothing but your vape for 7 days.

Use your vape each time you have a craving just as you would a cigarette. After this 7 day period the tar coating your lungs, throat and tongue begins to disappear. During this time you may cough up some tar, this is nothing to worry about and simply the bodies way of trying to remove the toxin.


Still Have Some Tobacco Products? – Keep Them

We all know cigarettes are expensive, the worst thing you can do is throw away all of your smoking products just in case vaping doesn’t work for you.

It is also rumoured that actually having tobacco products reduces the craving by simply knowing they are there.

There is never a more necessary time to have a cigarette than when you have just run out, so i feel that rumour makes sense.


 Finding The Right Device For You

With thousands of different mods, batteries, tanks, and coil choices available (more on those later) it is very easy to feel lost in a sea of devices.

Don’t just choose a device based on style, find the one that works right for you. DTL or direct to lung vapes are well suited to a transitioning smoker as they operate in much the same way as a cigarette does by inhaling straight to your lungs.

This may not be the same for you, however a huge range of low cost vapes are available allowing you to find the style that works just right for you without breaking the bank.


Use The Right PG/VG Mix In Your Vape Liquids

A Lot of new vapers choose a liquid depending on its flavour or branding but each liquids PG to VG ratio is extremely important.

Finding you have a sore throat or just not getting enough vapour to beat those cravings? It might be worth upping your VG ratio and checking the difference.

If you are the type of person that prefers a stronger throat hit, then a higher PG ratio is for you.

Vaping is not just as simple as purchasing a packet of your favourite cigarettes but it offers a healthier more personal “smoking” experience with each person having their own fine balance of the perfect PG/VG ratio.

If you are in doubt over the correct viscosity of your liquid consult the staff at your local vape shop who will be able to fine tune you a liquid to meet the specifications of your device.

Choose The Correct Nicotine Strength

They always say honesty is the best policy and this is twice as important when choosing a nicotine strength that’s right for you.

Always choose the appropriate strength according to the amount you normally smoke or you will find that your cravings might not be reduced causing a relapse on to cigarettes to make up the difference.

Choosing the right Nicotine strength is Vaping 101 and should be considered as possibly the most important rule.

Reach Out To The Vaping Community

In the age of technology you can find experienced and knowledgeable vapers at the touch of a button with forums, reddit’s and social media accounts all available to you the information you need is never far away.

Vaping 101 on Reddit provides some fantastic information for beginners and aficionado’s alike including product reviews, mod advice and a comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts.


Don’t Buy A Budget Device

From personal experience a budget device lacks customisation and power, while a premium quality device maybe more expensive however it will provide a better vaping experience, it’s not all about paying for brand names here either better electronic parts cost more money to produce and therefore cost more.

In our opinion this extra expense is worth it for the added pleasure of the experience however we leave this choice to you.

Don’t Power Vape Just Because You Can

It is common for new vapers to look like a faulty smoke machine in a back alley pub, but just because you can vape non stop doesn’t mean you should.

If you have noticed as a new vapour that you are starting to feel sick this is likely caused by taking in too much nicotine at once.

We suggest smoking a vape the same way you would a cigarette to keep that balance just right.

Be Patient

Quitting smoking isn’t going to happen overnight, it’s a huge lifestyle change and it may feel odd at first but stick with it.

As a new vaper if you succeed you will not only start to feel more healthy, but also notice some fantastic savings due to the reduced cost and longevity of vaping.

We wish you all the best on your life changing journey, if you would like to read some other fantastic vape related articles don’t forget to bookmark “Company Name Here” or follow us on Social Media for real time tips, tricks and updates

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