Vaping 101 – A Collection Of Online Vaping Resources

So you want to know more about vaping? Vape devices offers a healthier, less expensive alternative to smoking that provides an intuitive way to quit completely or still partake in your nicotine cravings in a choice of new and exciting flavours.

The problem with vaping however is that the field is so broad it is difficult to get started, there are thousands of different vape devices available and a near unlimited choice of e-juice flavours meaning finding the relevant information on the right vape for you can be a nightmare.

This article provides a list of some of the biggest vaping information sources available on the internet and aims to work as a comprehensive resource for all of your vaping needs.

Forums & Communities

The best place to find information on vaping is to simply ask vape users. Forums and communities provide significant insight for both beginner and advanced vape users alike.

Our favourite communities and forums can be found below in no particular order.

UKVapers is a UK based electronic cigarette and e-liquid community with information on a variety of vaping topics from Sub-Ohm Vaping to Rebuildable Atomisers and a breakdown of mod vendors from A-Z.

UKVapers currently have in excess of 36,000 registered members which make them our go to for vape advice.

The Vaping Forum has around 5000 active members but 117,000+ posts making them an active group.

The Vaping Forum has 100’s of Mod and Kit reviews, almost 350 individual vape juice reviews and a host of community blogs available in The Newsroom section.

While not as large as UKVapers, the Vaping Forum has a great deal of information for almost all aspects of vaping.

Planet Of The Vapes is allegedly the UK’s leading vaping community. They currently provide a variety of captivating blog articles.

Although planet of the vapes is a community they are also an e-cig merchant so you can find some great products on their website and some great UK offers including free delivery and same day dispatch.


Reddit as you may already know is a discussion site with boards dedicated to almost every imaginable topic.

On Reddit you will find some great Subreddits like /r/electronic_cigarette which provides ejuice reviews, device reviews and basic vaping industry news.

Other Vaping Subreddits You May Enjoy:

ECF – E-Cigarette Forum

ECF is a general purpose vaping forum with around 1500 members and a beautiful responsive design.

The ECF forum has a wealth of information on vape brands, vaping components, e-cig news and a vast community with general chat and polls creating a place for you to make friends in the vaping community.


Ashtray is a well written vaping blog with tons of great vaping information in a format that works well for both vape users and business trying to make judgements on whether or not vaping is acceptable in the workplace.

Ashtray features some excellent beginner user guides to help you choose the right vaping device for you, they also provide some of the most recent scientific studies in the vaping field so you can keep up to date with the latest information.

Overall The Ashtray Blog is one of our favourite sources of vaping information, their website offers modern web design combined with well written articles making it a pleasure to both read and navigate.

E-Cigarette Politics

E-Cigarette Politics is an online resource for any materials relating to the legal or political side of vaping.

E-Cigarette Politics is a UK based resource allowing you to stay up to date with the latest laws and studies in the vaping field.

Overall E-Cigarette Politics is the ideal resource for UK based employers looking into their vaping policies, due to the clear distinction between vaping and smoking businesses were given free rein on whether or not to prohibit vaping in the workplace, this is where E-Cigarette Politics comes in, providing all the relevant information in one place.

 Vaping Underground is another forum based vaping resource with thousands of active members and a reputable team of staff and moderators.

Vaping Underground has both written and video reviews, DIY E-Liquid Guides and an abundance of Mod and Accessory information.

Vaping Underground was the winner of “Best Vape Forum 2017” and due to the huge amount of content they provide we can see why.

This website is perfect for advanced and beginner vape users and is a one stop shop for all of your vaping needs.


New Vaping resources are coming online all the time, it is always worth doing your own research and finding the communities and news sources that work right for you.

In this day and age getting a product review is as simple as typing the product name into a search engine, with this in mind if you are looking to buy a new vape be sure to check out its reviews first and make sure that it is right for you.

Taking that extra little bit of time to research will create massive savings in the long run as you will not be purchasing incorrect devices to suit your vaping habits.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and that we could provide a comprehensive information source for your vaping needs.

If you have any sources you think we might have missed, Why not let us know on Social Media ?

You can also bookmark our website for some more high quality vaping content, news and product reviews.

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