Which Type Of Juice Is Best For My Vape?

Choosing a vape juice is a fine art, if you are looking for the best vape juice for your vape device or e-cig then this article is for you.

Firstly before we come to the 1000’s of exotic & mouth watering flavours we are going to need to cover some Vape liquid basics including common terminology and their definitions.

Vape School

We have written this article aimed at complete beginners however it may prove useful for intermediate and advance vape users alike.

The Terminology

Vape Juice, e-liquid, e-juice all of these terms all refer to the flavoured liquids used to fill your vape.

There is no difference between Vape Juice and e-juice for example they are just different terms used for the same product.

VG or vegetable glycerine is a food grade additive that is usually extracted from plant matter like palm plants. A vape juice with a high VG ratio will provide a smoother hit and larger vapour clouds.

PG or propylene glycol, used for around a century in household items including toothpaste, cosmetics and medications. A PG liquid provides a much harsher throat hit whilst compromising on the amount of vapour produced.

VG / PG Ratio the ratio of VG and PG used in vape fluids is normally indicated on the bottle, it is important to remember to balance your VG and PG ratios according to your own tastes with a higher PG ratio for a harsher draw and a higher VG ratio for more vapour.

50 / 50 Vape Juice a 50/50 vape juice is an equal mix of VG and PG, highly regarded as the best vape juice for standard vaping with non Sub-Ohm atomisers.

Max VG if you want vapour a max VG mix is the vape juice for you, these mixes are a minimum of 85% VG with a minimal amount of PG used solely to carry the flavour. If you want huge clouds a Max VG vape juice is the way to go.

PG Vape Juice  a PG mix will not create as much vapour as a VG juice but it will be more flavoursome it will also provide a throatier hit.

VG Vape Juice any vape liquid between 60 and 85% VG. These vape fluids are generally used in conjunction with a high end Sub-Ohm or temperature controlled vaping device. VG juices create an abundance more vapour than their PG counterparts and generally contain less nicotine.

Once you have got the terminology down you should start to have a better idea of the type of vape juice that will work for you and your device.

Are you the type of vape user that wants to create huge clouds of vapour? Then a Max VG mix and a Sub Ohm vape device will be weapons of choice.

Want a heavier throat hit and a more flavoursome vape, then a mix with a higher PG ratio will be the path to walk.


Taste is something that cannot be taught and everyone has got their own unique tastes and preferences however we can tell you some of the most highly recommended vape juices as voted for by the people of the internet.

One of the main perks of vaping is the sheer amount of flavours available when it comes to vape juices. While we don’t know your tastes this list aspires to have a little something for everyone by detailing some of the most highly rated vape juices and vape juice manufacturer’s of 2018.

Apollo Max VG

The Apollo Max VG vape fluid collection provides a smooth vape with big clouds when used with a Sub-Ohm device.

The Apollo Max VG e juice range is available in a variety of beautiful flavours and nicotine strengths, including a nicotine free variety ideal for those who vape purely for taste.

Halo Vapour Co

Halo Vapour Co manufacturer only EU pharma grade liquids with 20 exciting flavours to choose from including fruity all day ejuices and a variety of tobacco flavours.

Halo mainly offer 50/50 e-juices making them the clear choice for wider adoption.


V2 Platinum Liquids

Manufactured in the USA to meticulously high standards, V2 Platinum Liquids offer a range of interesting flavours including Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla and a host of tobacco flavoured alternatives.


Primarily a manufacturer of vape devices Jacvapour has released a variety of e-liquids to suit both mouth to lung and Sub-Ohm devices.

With Jacvapour you can purchase a taster tin allowing you to try the full range of flavours before settling on your favourite.

 Vaporfi E Liquids

With the largest collection of flavours on offer Vaporfi e-liquids are a clear winner for those who want maximum flavour.

On offer a collection of 50/50 mix e-liquids and 70/30 PG/VG juices making them primarily a PG company, perfect for those vape users that require a little extra kick.

The Vaporfi standard collection comprises over 30,000 e-juice options, they also offer a range of premium and special reserve e-liquids making your choice almost limitless.

Black Note E Liquid

If you are looking for a realistic tobacco flavour then Black Note should be your first port of call, Black Note use naturally extracted tobacco and a nine stage process to create a pure e-juice full of tobacco flavour.

While Black Note is not the cheapest e-juice on the market, the quality is exceptional right down to the whisky miniature like packaging and branding.

Black Note have 8 rich tobacco flavours to choose from making them the clear choice for ex smokers.

We hope this guide has made choosing your next eliquid a little easier. For more informative vaping content don’t forget to bookmark our page, or follow us on social media for real-time offers, updates and vaping news.

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