Which Type Of Vape Should I Buy?

If you are new to vaping or looking into the hobby it is interesting to know that there is more than one type of vape device available in fact you have hundreds of devices at your disposal broken down into two distinct vaping styles.

In this article we are going to take a look at the two different vaping styles “Mouth to Lung” & “Direct to Lung” and try and help you to decide which one will work best for your needs.

Mouth to Lung Vaping (MTL)

Mouth to lung vaping entails inhaling vapour into your mouth and letting it collect there before breathing it fully into your lungs.

Mouth to Lung vaping is ideally suited to former smokers as the process is very similar to smoking a cigarette.

MTL vaping was originally the only method of vaping, so if you tried vaping when it originally surfaced chances are you have used a MTL device.

Mouth to Lung vape devices are designed with flavour in mind helping you get the maximum taste from your e-liquid.

Most MTL vapes will use a liquid with a high ratio of PG, the strength of this ingredient in this mix will also dictate the amount of throat kick your liquid has, so the higher the PG the harder the throat hit.

Direct to Lung Vaping (DTL)

Direct to Lung vaping allows you to create huge vapour clouds by simply breathing in the vapour as you would air.

Direct to Lung vaping overall offers a more satisfying experience than Mouth to Lung however it is not the usual choice of new vape users.

If you are considering DTL vaping we recommend you switch to a low nicotine or a nicotine free liquid.

When a DTL vaporiser is used the nicotine affects you in a much more direct way which could make you feel rather ill if a high nicotine content liquid is used.

MTL Vs DTL Vaping – A Comparison

Both MTL and DTL vaping offer their own benefits so deciding which one is right for you can be tricky.

In our opinion choosing a vape style also depends on your history, if you have recently made the switch from cigarettes to vaping an MTL device would likely be the choice for you.

The act of using an MTL vape device is very similar to smoking a regular cigarette and as such should benefit those trying to quit, you will also find a better variety of high nicotine liquids especially for MTL devices.

If you have already made the switch from cigarettes to vaping a DTL vaping device may be the better choice.

A DTL Vape device is perfect for hobby vapers and those who have already managed to kick the nicotine habit.

If you want luscious, thick vapour clouds over a direct smoking replacement then a Direct to Lung vape kit will provide the best vaping experience for you.

The Best Of Both Worlds

While MTL and DTL are the min types of vaping there are some in betweens that it would be wrong of us not to cover. The two methods below are not particularly common nor particularly satisfying however they do offer a middle ground for those not set on either MTL or DTL Vaping.

The Pure Mouth Hit

This method is similar to smoking a cigar, where you would savour the smoke in your mouth to take in the rich tobacco flavour.

The pure Mouth Hit is just that once you have savoured the flavour you just exhale without taking the vapour in to your lungs.

The Hybrid Hit

A combination of both vaping styles, first hit your vape and gather vapour in your mouth. Then while doing that and with your mod still firing allow some air into your mouth, Then take a deep breath.

Essentially this method is MTL followed by DTL vaping and gives a roughly equal mix of flavour and lung hit.

The Perfect MTL Setup

  • High ohm tank
  • Narrow drip tip
  • Tight airflow
  • High PG vape juice, generally above 70/30 PG/VG
  • Any nicotine strength

The Perfect DTL Setup

  • Sub-ohm tank
  • Powerful high end battery
  • Wide Bore drip tip
  • Loose airflow
  • High VG Vape Juice
  • Uses lower nicotine strength liquids


When you set out to purchase a new DTL or MTL vaping device it is important to note the quality, always buy a reputable brand and make sure to look online or ask in store for product reviews.

It is possible to make a start vaping from as little as £12 for a low cost introductory kit, however if you enjoy vaping and are thinking of making the switch from cig to vape you are going to want to purchase some better equipment.

There are 1000s of vaping devices and device combinations available at a great prices.

As well as budget vape devices you can find a wealth of premium devices either online or in your local vape shop that will help you take your hobby to the next level, whether you want to chase clouds or enjoy great new flavours there is a vape device out there for you.

In Summary

When choosing a vape device it is important to first know which style of vaping best suits your needs. We hope this article has helped you to decide if a Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung device is best for you.

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