Tips for switching from cigarettes to vaping.

If you have decided to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping we have some excellent tips and tricks to help you kick the habit once and for all. This guide coupled with the knowledge of your favourite local or online vape shop should provide a smooth transition from expensive cigarettes to a cleaner, fresher world of vaping.

Remember that managing an addiction is a troublesome task and is not going to happen overnight, but if at first you don’t succeed don’t be scared to try again your health and your wallet will thank you.

How do i find a flavour that’s right for me?

With the sheer volume of tasty and exotic vape liquids available it is worth taking your time to find the one that you find best.

This process is very simpleand affordable, low cost 10ml bottles of vape fluid provide an effective sample size for a great price.

It is normally acknowledged that when first moving from cigarettes to vapes that a tobacco flavour is likely to be the most satisfying for your cravings.

7 Day Trial Period

In our experience when making the switch to a vape device it is best to use nothing but your vape for 7 days.

Use your vape each time you have a craving just as you would a cigarette. After this 7 day period the tar coating your lungs, throat and tongue begins to disappear. During this time you may cough up some tar, this is nothing to worry about and simply the bodies way of trying to remove the toxin.


Still Have Some Tobacco Products? – Keep Them

We all know cigarettes are expensive, the worst thing you can do is throw away all of your smoking products just in case vaping doesn’t work for you.

It is also rumoured that actually having tobacco products reduces the craving by simply knowing they are there.

There is never a more necessary time to have a cigarette than when you have just run out, so i feel that rumour makes sense.


 Finding The Right Device For You

With thousands of different mods, batteries, tanks, and coil choices available (more on those later) it is very easy to feel lost in a sea of devices.

Don’t just choose a device based on style, find the one that works right for you. DTL or direct to lung vapes are well suited to a transitioning smoker as they operate in much the same way as a cigarette does by inhaling straight to your lungs.

This may not be the same for you, however a huge range of low cost vapes are available allowing you to find the style that works just right for you without breaking the bank. Continue reading “Tips for switching from cigarettes to vaping.”

Vaping in the Workplace, is it Acceptable?

With smoking now outlawed in public and workplaces we wanted to look at the Legal and Moral implications of vaping in the workplace.

Because a vape device or e-cig does not meet either the legal nor clinical definition of smoking and as studies have suggested it carries a fraction of the risk of smoking (95% Less harmful according to a study by health officials.) We wanted to know if it was not only legally acceptable but also socially acceptable to vape at our place of work.

In our opinion it is worth considering those around you, if you are not sure if the people around you mind you vaping then simply ask, not everyone is going to be okay with thick vapour clouds being blown in their faces.

However, with a bit of compromise i think a solution can be reached that suits both vape users and employers.

Legally Speaking

Vaping indoors is legal however workplaces can request that you do not vape on the premises, although strict policies are required to create a clear distinction between vaping and smoking according to government guidelines.

With vape devices being used almost exclusively by smokers and ex smokers they have been shown to drive down smoking rates to the lowest ever recorded which if anything is good news employers, less cigarette breaks mean more productivity and a vapour cloud will not leave a lingering stale tobacco smell in the office which is a breath of fresh air for everyone.

Your Work Environment

The main concern for vaping indoors is the “Second hand smoke” although now i guess it should be called second hand vapour.

Studies have shown that the vapour produced from an e-cig is only fractionally as harmful as smoking a cigarette and that this figure is reduced even more once the vapour is second hand.

In Fact the government recently acknowledged that vape products have reduced the overall intake of second hand smoke in the youth population, so if nothing else this switch has benefited our children.

However just because vapour isn’t as harmful as cigarette smoke doesn’t mean everyone is going to be okay with you vaping around them, especially in an enclosed office or work environment.

Some people may have an issue with you vaping around them in general while others just may not like the smell of your chosen vape liquid, therefore you should always be considerate of your colleagues before taking a hit.

Smoking Shelters

If your workplace has prohibited vaping as well as smoking Government guidelines state that vape users should not be forced to share the same space or shelter as cigarette smokers, because the majority of vape users are ex smokers the Government feels this could undermine their attempt to quit.

This is a real plus for vape users as if you are trying to quit being surrounded by your biggest temptation is no holiday for anyone, we feel this ruling is essential and may encourage others to make the switch from cig to vape once they know they can indulge temptation free.

It is also worth paying attention to the thought of dread you get as a vape user being surrounded by smokers. Non smokers in the presence of vape users may have the very same concerns so there is some common ground between you.

The Push Back To Smoking

From an employer’s perspective placing restrictions on vape users could very well encourage a push back to smoking.

Government health officials have stated that it is up to individual organisations to choose their own policies when it comes to vaping, however also went on to state that the laws banning smoking do not extend to nor should they cover e-cigarettes and vaping devices as they are a huge push forward on government calls for a smoke free generation.

In 2017 alone the amount of smokers in the UK has reduced by 4.5% to the lowest level ever recorded this statistic alone owes a lot to the mass adoption of vape devices providing a healthier and friendlier alternative to stop smoking aids of the past.

Demonising vape use could very well have a negative impact on your business as opposed to the presumed positives due to lowering staff morale and pushing them back into the same category as smokers.

British Gas have released an informative 5 point guide on Vape policy writing in the workplace which is available here. This short guide highlights both the positives and negatives of vape usage from the viewpoint of one of the nation’s largest employers making it a great start point for both small and large business owners.

Negative Impact On The Workplace

While we feel vaping should be perfectly acceptable anywhere as long as we are considerate to those around us there are some negatives to consider from a business perspective however we feel these are heavily outweighed by the positives.

  • Non vaping employees may feel uncomfortable
  • Vaping does leave a scent in the air however it will not linger like tobacco
  • Vaping exposes other employees to toxins in the vapour
  • Prohibiting vaping could lead to legal complaints from vapers

As an employer it is worth considering that each of these negatives has a valid counter argument and will inevitably lead to low productivity and low morale from your vaping staff.


While there are many arguments both for and against vaping in the workplace we fall on the side of “for” after all happy staff are productive staff and employee morale is key to running a good business.

Ideally vapers should conduct themselves as if they are an ambassador for vaping after all it’s the community that builds the reputation.

Always be considerate of your surroundings including bystanders and if in doubt ask if they mind.

If the vaping community can avoid being demonised we might just stay on track creating a smoke free generation.

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Which Type Of Juice Is Best For My Vape?

Choosing a vape juice is a fine art, if you are looking for the best vape juice for your vape device or e-cig then this article is for you.

Firstly before we come to the 1000’s of exotic & mouth watering flavours we are going to need to cover some Vape liquid basics including common terminology and their definitions.

Vape School

We have written this article aimed at complete beginners however it may prove useful for intermediate and advance vape users alike.

The Terminology

Vape Juice, e-liquid, e-juice all of these terms all refer to the flavoured liquids used to fill your vape.

There is no difference between Vape Juice and e-juice for example they are just different terms used for the same product.

VG or vegetable glycerine is a food grade additive that is usually extracted from plant matter like palm plants. A vape juice with a high VG ratio will provide a smoother hit and larger vapour clouds.

PG or propylene glycol, used for around a century in household items including toothpaste, cosmetics and medications. A PG liquid provides a much harsher throat hit whilst compromising on the amount of vapour produced.

VG / PG Ratio the ratio of VG and PG used in vape fluids is normally indicated on the bottle, it is important to remember to balance your VG and PG ratios according to your own tastes with a higher PG ratio for a harsher draw and a higher VG ratio for more vapour.

50 / 50 Vape Juice a 50/50 vape juice is an equal mix of VG and PG, highly regarded as the best vape juice for standard vaping with non Sub-Ohm atomisers.

Max VG if you want vapour a max VG mix is the vape juice for you, these mixes are a minimum of 85% VG with a minimal amount of PG used solely to carry the flavour. If you want huge clouds a Max VG vape juice is the way to go.

PG Vape Juice  a PG mix will not create as much vapour as a VG juice but it will be more flavoursome it will also provide a throatier hit.

VG Vape Juice any vape liquid between 60 and 85% VG. These vape fluids are generally used in conjunction with a high end Sub-Ohm or temperature controlled vaping device. VG juices create an abundance more vapour than their PG counterparts and generally contain less nicotine.

Once you have got the terminology down you should start to have a better idea of the type of vape juice that will work for you and your device.

Are you the type of vape user that wants to create huge clouds of vapour? Then a Max VG mix and a Sub Ohm vape device will be weapons of choice.

Want a heavier throat hit and a more flavoursome vape, then a mix with a higher PG ratio will be the path to walk.


Taste is something that cannot be taught and everyone has got their own unique tastes and preferences however we can tell you some of the most highly recommended vape juices as voted for by the people of the internet.

One of the main perks of vaping is the sheer amount of flavours available when it comes to vape juices. While we don’t know your tastes this list aspires to have a little something for everyone by detailing some of the most highly rated vape juices and vape juice manufacturer’s of 2018.

Apollo Max VG

The Apollo Max VG vape fluid collection provides a smooth vape with big clouds when used with a Sub-Ohm device.

The Apollo Max VG e juice range is available in a variety of beautiful flavours and nicotine strengths, including a nicotine free variety ideal for those who vape purely for taste.

Halo Vapour Co

Halo Vapour Co manufacturer only EU pharma grade liquids with 20 exciting flavours to choose from including fruity all day ejuices and a variety of tobacco flavours.

Halo mainly offer 50/50 e-juices making them the clear choice for wider adoption.


V2 Platinum Liquids

Manufactured in the USA to meticulously high standards, V2 Platinum Liquids offer a range of interesting flavours including Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla and a host of tobacco flavoured alternatives.


Primarily a manufacturer of vape devices Jacvapour has released a variety of e-liquids to suit both mouth to lung and Sub-Ohm devices.

With Jacvapour you can purchase a taster tin allowing you to try the full range of flavours before settling on your favourite.

 Vaporfi E Liquids

With the largest collection of flavours on offer Vaporfi e-liquids are a clear winner for those who want maximum flavour.

On offer a collection of 50/50 mix e-liquids and 70/30 PG/VG juices making them primarily a PG company, perfect for those vape users that require a little extra kick.

The Vaporfi standard collection comprises over 30,000 e-juice options, they also offer a range of premium and special reserve e-liquids making your choice almost limitless.

Black Note E Liquid

If you are looking for a realistic tobacco flavour then Black Note should be your first port of call, Black Note use naturally extracted tobacco and a nine stage process to create a pure e-juice full of tobacco flavour.

While Black Note is not the cheapest e-juice on the market, the quality is exceptional right down to the whisky miniature like packaging and branding.

Black Note have 8 rich tobacco flavours to choose from making them the clear choice for ex smokers.

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Which Type Of Vape Should I Buy?

If you are new to vaping or looking into the hobby it is interesting to know that there is more than one type of vape device available in fact you have hundreds of devices at your disposal broken down into two distinct vaping styles.

In this article we are going to take a look at the two different vaping styles “Mouth to Lung” & “Direct to Lung” and try and help you to decide which one will work best for your needs.

Mouth to Lung Vaping (MTL)

Mouth to lung vaping entails inhaling vapour into your mouth and letting it collect there before breathing it fully into your lungs.

Mouth to Lung vaping is ideally suited to former smokers as the process is very similar to smoking a cigarette.

MTL vaping was originally the only method of vaping, so if you tried vaping when it originally surfaced chances are you have used a MTL device.

Mouth to Lung vape devices are designed with flavour in mind helping you get the maximum taste from your e-liquid.

Most MTL vapes will use a liquid with a high ratio of PG, the strength of this ingredient in this mix will also dictate the amount of throat kick your liquid has, so the higher the PG the harder the throat hit.

Direct to Lung Vaping (DTL)

Direct to Lung vaping allows you to create huge vapour clouds by simply breathing in the vapour as you would air.

Direct to Lung vaping overall offers a more satisfying experience than Mouth to Lung however it is not the usual choice of new vape users.

If you are considering DTL vaping we recommend you switch to a low nicotine or a nicotine free liquid.

When a DTL vaporiser is used the nicotine affects you in a much more direct way which could make you feel rather ill if a high nicotine content liquid is used.

MTL Vs DTL Vaping – A Comparison

Both MTL and DTL vaping offer their own benefits so deciding which one is right for you can be tricky.

In our opinion choosing a vape style also depends on your history, if you have recently made the switch from cigarettes to vaping an MTL device would likely be the choice for you.

The act of using an MTL vape device is very similar to smoking a regular cigarette and as such should benefit those trying to quit, you will also find a better variety of high nicotine liquids especially for MTL devices.

If you have already made the switch from cigarettes to vaping a DTL vaping device may be the better choice.

A DTL Vape device is perfect for hobby vapers and those who have already managed to kick the nicotine habit.

If you want luscious, thick vapour clouds over a direct smoking replacement then a Direct to Lung vape kit will provide the best vaping experience for you.

The Best Of Both Worlds

While MTL and DTL are the min types of vaping there are some in betweens that it would be wrong of us not to cover. The two methods below are not particularly common nor particularly satisfying however they do offer a middle ground for those not set on either MTL or DTL Vaping.

The Pure Mouth Hit

This method is similar to smoking a cigar, where you would savour the smoke in your mouth to take in the rich tobacco flavour.

The pure Mouth Hit is just that once you have savoured the flavour you just exhale without taking the vapour in to your lungs.

The Hybrid Hit

A combination of both vaping styles, first hit your vape and gather vapour in your mouth. Then while doing that and with your mod still firing allow some air into your mouth, Then take a deep breath.

Essentially this method is MTL followed by DTL vaping and gives a roughly equal mix of flavour and lung hit.

The Perfect MTL Setup

  • High ohm tank
  • Narrow drip tip
  • Tight airflow
  • High PG vape juice, generally above 70/30 PG/VG
  • Any nicotine strength

The Perfect DTL Setup

  • Sub-ohm tank
  • Powerful high end battery
  • Wide Bore drip tip
  • Loose airflow
  • High VG Vape Juice
  • Uses lower nicotine strength liquids


When you set out to purchase a new DTL or MTL vaping device it is important to note the quality, always buy a reputable brand and make sure to look online or ask in store for product reviews.

It is possible to make a start vaping from as little as £12 for a low cost introductory kit, however if you enjoy vaping and are thinking of making the switch from cig to vape you are going to want to purchase some better equipment.

There are 1000s of vaping devices and device combinations available at a great prices.

As well as budget vape devices you can find a wealth of premium devices either online or in your local vape shop that will help you take your hobby to the next level, whether you want to chase clouds or enjoy great new flavours there is a vape device out there for you.

In Summary

When choosing a vape device it is important to first know which style of vaping best suits your needs. We hope this article has helped you to decide if a Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung device is best for you.

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Silencing The Skeptics – The Truth About Vaping

Silencing The Skeptics – The Truth About Vaping.

It seems everywhere we look Vaping seems to be getting more and more bad press, this article aims to remove that stigma by presenting you with clear and scientific facts backed up by case studies.

With so many lies and misconceptions surrounding Vaping it is difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction and with Vaping being a tastier, safer and cheaper alternative to tobacco we thought it was high time things changed.

Many of the Vaping horror stories that we have found appear to be caused by a lack of common sense rather than an issue with a vape device or e-liquid.

Fox example Darwin Award winner Russell Hawkins who decided to vape the world’s hottest chilli pepper.

If you would like to see first hand why that isn’t a great idea Russell provided the world with a video that is available here.

For those of us who use their vape devices for their intended purpose the horror stories you find on the internet and in the news are just that “stories”.

To back this up we have found a variety of great vaping studies which prove vaping is 95% safer than cigarettes, making it not only a healthier alternative but also a huge technological leap forward in our nicotine consumption.

Second Hand Vapour – The Verdict

I feel this is the most common stigma attached to Vaping and that is that Second Hand Vapour is as harmful as Second Hand Smoke this is simply not the case.

In 2016 new government guidelines acknowledged that first hand vapour was 95% less harmful than tobacco smoke.

While this year the CSAAA crowdfunded an independent research project to find out if Second Hand Vapour was harmful,

This study was performed by Igor Burstyn a toxicology expert from Drexel University and it returned conclusive evidence that Second Hand Vapour was not harmful to bystanders.

The study is available here:

Vaping exposes your lungs to dangerous levels of formaldehyde – The Truth

I’ve got to admit this is one of my favourites, a recent study suggested that Vape Liquids contained an unsatisfactory amount of formaldehyde.

While this was technically true, it was a strawman argument as the e liquids used were being heated to unrealistic temperatures that could in no way be achieved by a vape user.

If your vape liquid reached these temperatures in the real world i believe your reaction would be something similar to Russell’s video above.

If you would like to read the formaldehyde debunking study it can be found here

The Switch From Smoking To Vaping  Reduces Toxins

Several studies have been conclusive in showing us that vaping is far less harmful than smoking, however a recent study showed that vape users were exposed to a far less significant amount of carcinogens and toxins than their smoking counterparts.

This is because Vape Juice contains far fewer toxins than a cigarette meaning although your exposure to nicotine has not changed the overall amount of chemicals and toxins passing through your body has.

You can read more about this over on the Oxford Academic Website

Vaping Is A Gateway To Smoking

Vaping offers a cleaner and healthier alternative to smoking which makes it very easy to believe that this one might be true.

However independent research suggests that the opposite is actually closer to the truth.

During this in-depth study researchers found that e cigs are actually continually driving down smoking rates by helping existing smokers to kick the habit.

Because of the way the nicotine is absorbed by the body it is widely accepted that vaping devices are actually less addictive than tobacco based alternatives like cigarettes and cigars.

With vaping offering nicotine free options it would be completely illogical for a non nicotine user to make the switch to nicotine as they would not benefit from the switch, however a nicotine user switching to a non nicotine juice seems much more likely.

Vapour Has A Low Cancer Rate – Fact

A researcher at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland announced he had found that the cancer risk for vape users when using standard wattage settings was almost as low risk as current nicotine replacement products like gum and patches.

This study involved measuring the cancer potential of certain vape liquids and tobacco products by devising a method to express both smoke and vapour in common units making this the most accurate study in the field so far.

You can read the whole article here


While there is a significant amount of disinformation regarding vaping, you can find some excellent reputable studies online many of which are fully independent.

The sole purpose of this article was to clear up some of the more common vaping myths and misconceptions, as you can hopefully see a lot of the facts you hear touted about vaping simply aren’t facts at all, more stories blown out of all proportion by the internet.

When compared to smoking, vaping is not only safer it is also cleaner, better for the environment and easier on your wallet, you can also find a huge range of vape devices and e-juices to suit your exact requirements allowing you to fine tune your vaping experience to your needs.

Each week 1000’s of people are making the switch from cig to vape. If you are thinking about making the switch be sure to bookmark our page for some informative vaping content.

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Vaping 101 – A Collection Of Online Vaping Resources

So you want to know more about vaping? Vape devices offers a healthier, less expensive alternative to smoking that provides an intuitive way to quit completely or still partake in your nicotine cravings in a choice of new and exciting flavours.

The problem with vaping however is that the field is so broad it is difficult to get started, there are thousands of different vape devices available and a near unlimited choice of e-juice flavours meaning finding the relevant information on the right vape for you can be a nightmare.

This article provides a list of some of the biggest vaping information sources available on the internet and aims to work as a comprehensive resource for all of your vaping needs.

Forums & Communities

The best place to find information on vaping is to simply ask vape users. Forums and communities provide significant insight for both beginner and advanced vape users alike.

Our favourite communities and forums can be found below in no particular order.

UKVapers is a UK based electronic cigarette and e-liquid community with information on a variety of vaping topics from Sub-Ohm Vaping to Rebuildable Atomisers and a breakdown of mod vendors from A-Z.

UKVapers currently have in excess of 36,000 registered members which make them our go to for vape advice.

The Vaping Forum has around 5000 active members but 117,000+ posts making them an active group.

The Vaping Forum has 100’s of Mod and Kit reviews, almost 350 individual vape juice reviews and a host of community blogs available in The Newsroom section.

While not as large as UKVapers, the Vaping Forum has a great deal of information for almost all aspects of vaping.

Planet Of The Vapes is allegedly the UK’s leading vaping community. They currently provide a variety of captivating blog articles.

Although planet of the vapes is a community they are also an e-cig merchant so you can find some great products on their website and some great UK offers including free delivery and same day dispatch.


Reddit as you may already know is a discussion site with boards dedicated to almost every imaginable topic.

On Reddit you will find some great Subreddits like /r/electronic_cigarette which provides ejuice reviews, device reviews and basic vaping industry news.

Other Vaping Subreddits You May Enjoy:

ECF – E-Cigarette Forum

ECF is a general purpose vaping forum with around 1500 members and a beautiful responsive design.

The ECF forum has a wealth of information on vape brands, vaping components, e-cig news and a vast community with general chat and polls creating a place for you to make friends in the vaping community.


Ashtray is a well written vaping blog with tons of great vaping information in a format that works well for both vape users and business trying to make judgements on whether or not vaping is acceptable in the workplace.

Ashtray features some excellent beginner user guides to help you choose the right vaping device for you, they also provide some of the most recent scientific studies in the vaping field so you can keep up to date with the latest information.

Overall The Ashtray Blog is one of our favourite sources of vaping information, their website offers modern web design combined with well written articles making it a pleasure to both read and navigate.

E-Cigarette Politics

E-Cigarette Politics is an online resource for any materials relating to the legal or political side of vaping.

E-Cigarette Politics is a UK based resource allowing you to stay up to date with the latest laws and studies in the vaping field.

Overall E-Cigarette Politics is the ideal resource for UK based employers looking into their vaping policies, due to the clear distinction between vaping and smoking businesses were given free rein on whether or not to prohibit vaping in the workplace, this is where E-Cigarette Politics comes in, providing all the relevant information in one place.

 Vaping Underground is another forum based vaping resource with thousands of active members and a reputable team of staff and moderators.

Vaping Underground has both written and video reviews, DIY E-Liquid Guides and an abundance of Mod and Accessory information.

Vaping Underground was the winner of “Best Vape Forum 2017” and due to the huge amount of content they provide we can see why.

This website is perfect for advanced and beginner vape users and is a one stop shop for all of your vaping needs.


New Vaping resources are coming online all the time, it is always worth doing your own research and finding the communities and news sources that work right for you.

In this day and age getting a product review is as simple as typing the product name into a search engine, with this in mind if you are looking to buy a new vape be sure to check out its reviews first and make sure that it is right for you.

Taking that extra little bit of time to research will create massive savings in the long run as you will not be purchasing incorrect devices to suit your vaping habits.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and that we could provide a comprehensive information source for your vaping needs.

If you have any sources you think we might have missed, Why not let us know on Social Media ?

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Why Stories About Vaping Being Dangerous are Misleading in 2018

Newspapers have to sell.

In a story published on 3rd February from the Irish Mirror, they claim that a study by the New York University of Medicine Research shows that vaping is shown as having a link to carcinogenic issues, linking vaping to cancer.

They quote “But some experts are now warning they should not be seen as a completely safe option, and are concerned about their popularity among the young, Dublin Live reports.

A new study found mice exposed to e-cigarette smoke had higher levels of DNA damage in the heart, lungs and bladder.”

The problem with news reports such as this is that it gives the impression that vaping is on a par of being as dangerous as smoking. This is absolutely ludicrous. The official guidance from the UK Government indicates vaping is 95% safer than smoking and news reports like this don’t show like for like.

Is there some element of risk associated with vaping, aside from not smoking. Well possibly so, but the articles are being intentionally misleading to stoke up reaction, create confusion and most importantly sell newspapers and generate web traffic.

We live in a world where traction counts. News stories count. If there is a way to sensationalise and report news out of content, it is usually done. The problem here is people’s lives are at stake. Vaping helps smokers stop smoking. That is a fact.

It is the responsibility of vaping advocates such as ourselves to try and call bullshit when poor news stories such as these are reported. The damage caused by conflicting information is stopping smokers making the switch due to the confusion caused.

If you are a non smoker, and want to vape, I wouldn’t put you off, but there are minor health disadvantages. Much in the same way as eating red meat or working in a more stressful industry has minor health disadvantages.

But if you are smoking, and want to stop smelling of smoke, want to see your grandkids grow up, and want to save thousands of pounds a year, give it a go, make the switch and don’t look back.




From Secret Smoking to Vaping with Family. A Transition

Cigarettes are pleasurable. Too pleasurable.

Any smoker who has smoked for any length of time knows three undeniable truths.

  1. When you smoke lots, the next cigarette isn’t really all that.
  2. When you go without for a little while, the next cigarette is the sweetest nectar of all.
  3. If I smoke, I die.

Now my journey with cigarettes began later than most smokers. I was late 20’s, working in a management job in a call centre I really didn’t like. Having worked there for 5 years, I had been fortunate enough to graduate off the phones into a management position, unfortunately underneath a boss I despised.

I had smoking colleagues who, like me, yearned for 10 minutes off the floor to have some time to myself. It’s at this point I should explain, that the call centre I worked in was an inescapable environment of petty customer queries, pointless reports and micro-managing management. If you were on the floor, you were working. Break time or no break time.

So the only solution was to vanish. Head outside to the tab shed for 10 minutes with some friendly faces to avoid the hordes. At first I didn’t smoke at all when at work, but being an occasional social smoker when on the drink, I felt no guilt or concern for sponging an occasional cigarette on a particularly stressful day.

Fast forward 12 months, and I’m up to 20 a day. There wasn’t a point when I flicked from ‘non-smoker’ to ‘smoker’. It was more guilt of stealing others cigarettes then led me to buying my own, and once you had your own packet, well, they’re there to be smoked.

So that was me. The job changed but the habit remained. You don’t really sense the loss of money as you only lose it £10 at a time, but for no clear reason you find yourself shorter than usual at the end of the month. I’d love to say that my concern over my health was the motivating factor to choosing to move away from cigarettes to vaping, but that’s just not true. It’s because it was cheap.

Now this is probably a good point to introduce some new people to the mix. My parents and my in laws. None of either my parents or in laws smoke, and typically for 60 year non smokers, they are staunch advocates of all sorts of punitive measures on smokers. £50 a pack, make them smoke out at sea, get a kidney punch each time you light up, all reasonable policies in their eyes.

As much as I’d like to kid myself that they didn’t pick up my new smoking habit, they too went through a phase of labelling me as

  1. Doesn’t smoke.
  2. He sometimes has one on a night out.
  3. He also has one or two when stressed at work.
  4. Yeah, he’s a smoker.

Now no one really likes being labelled a smoker. I guess only people who are smokers know what it feels like. That uneasy feeling that others think less of you, that you’re an addict. Of course they may well their shortcomings as well, only theirs may be easier to conceal.

So as mentioned, my first switch to vaping was out of necessity rather than choice. A particularly hard month left me with £10 disposable left with a week to go to payday. Unless I was to ration my ciggies and climb the walls, I knew I was falling short.

My first vape was bought on impulse at a supermarket. They had a choice of two. The first was one of those god awful ones that actually look like a cigarette and light up when you inhale. I knew they had a rep for being particularly useless, so my only remaining choice was a eye bogglingly garish purple contraption with some liquid included. £10 handed over, and off I went.

After making just about every mistake a first time maker can make, it did the trick and that was the beginning of my love affair with vaping. Only one problem remained, having the in laws and parents normalise my vaping.

I can always remember the first time I vaped in front of my parents and in laws. It was a particularly mild Christmas Day and as tends to happen at Christmas, you find yourself in unusually long periods with those who you may only see for more fleeting periods of time, usually periods of time you can go without nicotine.

Christmas, is not one of those days, and a 12 hour stint without just wasn’t happening. It took me a good 10 minutes to pluck up the courage to get out of my chair, head outside in full view of all, and begin vaping away. The reaction was mixed.

My father and mother in law did the polite thing and make no reference to it at all, as if I had been doing it all my life. To be honest, I think they were just happy to see that it wasn’t a cigarette in my hand. My mother on the other hand, was not quite so diplomatic.

“What the hell is that bloody thing”. A reaction I was expecting. She was a mix of 20% disgust, 40% curiosity and 40% embarrassment. A few rather mundane questions back and forth and everyone’s attention quickly diverted to something else.

I’m a big fan of ‘boiling the frog’ theory. If you’ve never heard of it before, it is the course of gently introducing new behaviours that in small increments are acceptable but in one go would trigger a big reaction. The small actions continued until they were normal. Vaping in their company, then vaping in my own home, until eventually even letting them have a go.

And here we are today. I vape when and where I want, my spending on product has dropped from £300 a month on cigarettes to £20-£25 a month on vaping juice and coils, and my parents and in laws see vaping as a way of avoiding lung cancer rather than as a harmful activity.

Vaping is safer than smoker. Of that, there is no doubt. 95% if you believe the NHS. The next step, is changing public opinion.

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