Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

One thing you will never avoid as a new vaper is that sinking feeling when you’re puffing away quite happily and next thing you know your vape tastes disgusting, like sucking on a ball of fire. So why does my vape taste burnt?

Well there are a few reasons that contribute to it happening so allow me to run through each of the problems.

Vape tastes burnt due to old coil.

The vape you use works by heating up the metal that cotton is wrapped around. After enough time, your coil gets through too much use and low and behold starts to taste horrible.

This is a very easy fix. Just check for which type of vape you are using and which coil you need. You can buy a range of new coils here if you are stuck.

Vape tastes burnt due to not priming coil.

When you replace the coil in your device you need to prime your coil. This is basically just putting a little bit of vape juice on your wick holes and allowing to settle. Realistically you should leave this for around 20 minutes to half an hour.

Once you have installed your new pre primed coil, turn the wattage on your vape right down for the first few puffs. As your new coil beds in you can gradually increase the wattage until you are at your preferred setting.

Vape tastes burnt due to high wattage.

Your coil can only vape to a certain level. You vape will likely have setting which range from barely able to vape the liquid all the way up to off the charts crazy power. Think of it a bit like your TV at home. If it goes from 1-100 volume, then on volume 1 you have almost no chance of hearing what is being said, and on 100, it will sound distorted, and very uncomfortably loud.

If your a real whizz with maths you can calculate the correct level using ohms law but realistically, start low and work up to a comfortable level to avoid.

Generally speaking if you are a new vaper, you are definitely going to experience a burnt hit at some point, but as with all things in life, a little bit of experience and practice, and the burnt vape hits will soon be a thing of the past.