Why it’s Time to Switch to Vaping in 2018

Vaping has a load of benefits that smokers may not realise. In this section, I highlight some of the benefits to switching to vaping that you may be aware of, and some you may not.

Bye bye to ash.

Smoking is messy.  All smokers are familiar with dusting off their shirts after having a smoke, or realizing that their home or apartment is covered in a thin layer of ash.  Vapers have no need to sweep or vacuum the floor for ash and dust; at worst they might accidentally let some e-liquid drip out from a tank, but this is easily wiped up.

Vaping greatly your chances of getting lung cancer.

You are way less exposed to harmful substances found in tobacco like tar, carbon monoxide, cyanide, ammonia and radioactive compounds. Tobacco cigarettes contain 100 known carcinogens, and other chemicals that can potentially cause cancer. E-cigarettes may not be considered fully safe because they use nicotine, which is toxic at very high concentrations, but according to a 2011 review, e-cigarettes are a lot safer than tobacco cigarettes.

The exhaled vape is just that. Water! It’s also harmless to bystanders, unlike secondhand smoke that has been linked to health problems for non-smokers. A report in 2015 from Public Health England said that e-cigarettes actually “release negligible levels of nicotine into ambient air with no identified health risks to bystanders.

You won’t smell of smoke

There’s an unmistakable smell a tobacco cigarette leaves on the fingers, body and breath after a smoke. And it’s especially easy for non-smokers to smell when someone has recently been smoking.  Vapers never have to worry about trying to wash the smell off of their hands. E-liquid vapor actually smells nice and will leave a sweet-smelling vapor from whichever flavor is used. Especially useful is you work with potential clients who may be put off by the smell.

Loads of different vape flavours.

Fruit flavour? Tobacco favour? Vanilla flavour? Even bubblegum flavour? Vapers can choose these flavors and many more from thousands of makers. DIY vapers mix their own liquids, customizing their own flavor according to taste. Mixing and matching flavors is also an option and most e-liquids complement each other very well.

No more brown teeth.

Since e-liquids have fewer chemicals than tobacco cigarettes, vapers don’t have breath that smells like tar. They also don’t have to think about the effect of the tar on teeth, which go from pearly white to yellowish brown.

Vaping is way less expensive

If you spend £10 on a pack of cigarettes every other day, that’s £150 per month or £1800 per year. The same costs to a vaper will be £80 for a really good tank set, £10 per month on replacement coils and £20 per month for a very high user for vape juice. Tis makes vaping around 75% cheaper than smoking as a direct comparison.

So what are you waiting for? Is it time you made the switch?